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If insects or wildlife have found their way into your home, don’t panic. Mr Roland Pest Control is an extermination and pest control company servicing residential and commercial properties in Orlando, FL, and neighboring Central Florida areas. We speak both Spanish and English and offer top-quality, five-star rated pest control, rat trap, and extermination services for the most competitive prices in the Orlando area. Mr Roland Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company with over six years of experience. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of pest control and offer certified and licensed pest control services.

We have extensive experience exterminating rats, ants, hornets, roaches, spiders, and other uninvited pests. As for squirrels and opossums, you can count on us to safely relocate them away from your property. We take pride in our comprehensive pest extermination services. We don’t stop at trapping and removal. Our crew will also decontaminate the affected area so there are no traces of the pests left behind. We care about our customers and maintain honesty and transparency while providing professional services. Mr Roland Pest Control offers different service plans, including one-time services, monthly service, bi-monthly service, and quarterly service. Call our local pest control company today to schedule professional pest control services in Orlando, FL, and surrounding Florida areas. Get in touch with us for a free estimate today!

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Mr Roland Pest Control has the experience and resources needed to take on all kinds of pest control projects. We offer a variety of professional pest control services, including Rodent Removal, Bed Bug Control, Mosquito Reduction, Pest Control, Bird & Bat Trapping, Flea & Tick Extermination, and more. Please note that we do not handle snakes, but if it has legs, we can take care of it. Contact our local pest control company today to schedule rodent removal or flea extermination services in Orlando, FL, or surrounding areas. We are based in Orlando, FL but serve all of the surrounding areas as well!

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